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Why do you care for them
when no one cares for you?
You pretend to be the good son,
but we both know that isn't true.

Or do you really believe
in this pathetic compassion?
Listen to my advice
I will show your true passion!

For I gaze into your heart
and see only hatred burning bright.
I can see your twisted dark soul
that finds others pain such a delight.

Still believe you are noble,
you little creature of hate?
I am your true nature,
I am your true fate.

You wonder what I am?
I am what you are afraid to be!
I am part of the human that is you
the part that you refuse to see.

Why do you fight your nature
even if it is that of a beast?
Why do you strive for an ideal
that you will never reach?

Ignore me if you will,
pretend I am not here.
You know I speak the truth
what is there to fear?
I will always be close
whispering truths in your ear.
No matter what you do
I will always be here.
Hello everyone!
Have you ever felt like your mind is trying to talk to you? That sometimes thoughts comes into your head that is not completely yours? Well, at least that happens to me sometimes, and they are usually not very nice ones. I think it is caused by me having to much pent up aggression and this is the unconscious way of telling me that. Sometimes it really feels like a voice trying to talk with me, I have even had conversations with it!
But anyway, I decided to write a poem about this voice from the unconscious, this voice of aggression, and this is the result.
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The-Anariarch Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
Prepare to Broadside.


Many Thanks for the Inspiration.
Vilhelm-Johansson Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You know, to have one of my poems serve as inspiration for another is one of the highest praises I can think of as a poet, so thank you!
The-Anariarch Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
And you as well. I hope my Broadside wasn't too violent. It's just how I introduce myself.
Vilhelm-Johansson Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Not at all :)
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September 20, 2012
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